Expressway management and repair

We are working on efficient and effective maintenance and building a road that is resistant to snow

Daily maintenance

In order to maintain a safe road environment, we work on daily inspection, cleaning, repair, and accident recovery.

Inspection (tunnel) photo
Inspection (tunnel)
Photograph of cleaning (tunnel)
Cleaning (tunnel)
Photo of planting (mowing)
Planting (mowing)
Photograph of accident recovery (guardrail)
Accident recovery (guardrail)

Planned maintenance

We carry out repair work systematically so that you can always use the Expressway safely and safely.

Photo of pavement replacement
Pavement conversion
Photograph of work to prevent falling off
Peeling prevention work

Snow and ice measures

In many areas where the weather conditions in winter are severe, we are tackling snow and ice as an important issue. We work on snow removal and anti-freezing according to the characteristics of the region and the weather, work to secure traffic, and install snow fences and self-illuminating snow poles to ensure visibility.

Photo of snow removal work
Snow removal work
Snow fence picture
Snow fence
Photo of freeze prevention work
Freezing prevention work
Photo of self-luminous snow pole
Light emitting snow pole

Smart Maintenance Highway (SMH) plan

Actively introduce ICT and mechanization, etc., based on the solution of various issues at the work site and the promotion of close examination to ensure the safety and security of long-term Expressway This is a priority project to enhance the efficiency and efficiency of infrastructure management of the entire Group by building a comprehensive maintenance system that integrates with.

Image of the entire Smart Maintenance Highway (SMH) and image of the logo mark