Business development that effectively utilizes management resources

We are developing diverse businesses by effectively utilizing management resources

Image image of Expressway related business

Card business

"E-NEXCO pass" is a credit card that offers Expressway tolls. We publish two types that can be selected according to your lifestyle.

Image of AEON E-NEXCO pass
Image of Nicos E-NEXCO pass

Travel business

Planning and creating travel products by making use of local good tourism resources and infrastructure, DraPla 's Trip It is sold on the site.

Image link (external link) to trip page of DraPla

Web business

A total support site for customers who use Expressway DraPla ”, And sends useful information to customers in various driving scenes.

Image link (external link) to DraPla site page

Charge / route search, transmission of traffic information

In addition to price and route searches, Drive Traffic (DraTra) provides real-time road traffic conditions and traffic congestion prediction information.

Transmission of SA / PA information

We provide various information contents such as SA / PA store information, event / campaign information, regional information, and columns that make you want to travel.

Product sales business

An EC (electronic commerce) site that sells masterpieces directly from the production center, mainly in the eastern Japan region DraPla shopping Is operated.

Image link (external link) to DraPla shopping page

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DraPla app

In addition to delivering information similar to websites such as fee and route search to mobile terminals, we have implemented functions unique to PUSH notifications of disaster information and caution points when driving to support customers' safe and secure driving. I will.

Image image of DraPla app guide
Image of DraPla app screen

Asset utilization business

Hibiya parking lot, bicycle parking lot, underpass parking lot, hotel, truck terminal, etc. We are developing various businesses that utilize management resources.

Image image of Hibiya parking lot in the basement of Hibiya Park
Hibiya parking lot in the basement of Hibiya Park
Image of "E-NEXCO LODGE Chojahara SA store (In-bound line)" that can be used directly from the Expressway
Hotels available directly from the Expressway
"E-NEXCO LODGE Chojahara SA store (In-bound line)"
Image of bicycle parking lot "HIBIYA RIDE" with changing room and shower room
Bicycle parking lot with changing room and shower room
Image of truck terminal (Sendai Minami IC) adjacent to the interchange
Truck terminal adjacent to the interchange (Sendai Minami IC)

Renewable energy business

We supply electricity generated by the Sendai Izumi Solar Power Plant (mega solar) constructed in Sendai City to electric power companies with the aim of preventing global warming, creating a recycling-based society, and reducing environmental impact. It generates electricity for about 360 households a day.

Image of Sendai Izumi Solar Power Plant

Sendai Izumi Solar Power Plant