Efforts to coexist with the connected Expressway network and the local and natural environments

Improvement effect by opening the Tokyo Outer Ring Road (Misato Minami IC-Takaya JCT)

Transportation between Saitama and Chiba (Tohoku Expressway Expressway east Kanto Expressway) was via the city center (capital expressway), but on the June 2, 2018 outer ring road (Misato Minami IC-Takaya JCT) With the opening, about 80% of the traffic has been converted to the outer ring road. Also, due to the opening of the outer ring road and the conversion of four lanes such as the Horikiri JCT to Kosuge JCT, the traffic congestion loss time at the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway inside the central ring (including the central ring) has been reduced by about 30%.

Changes in routes and traffic conditions before and after opening

Image image of changes in traffic conditions and routes before and after opening

Photograph of improvement situation of driving environment of general road in Ichikawa, Matsudo-shi
Improvement of driving environment on general roads in Ichikawa and Matsudo

[1] < Tohoku Expressway ⇔ East Kanto Expressway> Change in route sharing ratio

[1] < Tohoku Expressway ⇔ East Kanto Expressway> Image of change in route sharing ratio

[2] Changes in traffic congestion on the central loop line

[2] Image of changes in traffic congestion on the central loop line

Strengthening of community medicine by opening SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY (Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT)

SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY (Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT) was opened on December 8, 2018, and the emergency medical system in the Shiribeshi area was strengthened, such as shortening the transportation time to the tertiary medical facility for severe patients. It is hoped that this will contribute to a safe and secure life in the area.

60 minutes from the tertiary medical facility after the SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY maintenance

SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY 60 minutes sphere of images from a tertiary care facility after maintenance

Changes in time required and lifesaving rate to Sapporo Teine Keininkai Hospital

Image of lifesaving rate (%) due to acute myocardial infarction

Source: 2015 National Road / Street Traffic Situation Survey “Effects of Improving Medical Emergency through Road Improvement” (Traffic Engineering Vol.45 No.5 2010)
* For acute myocardial infarction of moderate severity

Environmental conservation initiatives

Implementation of measures against animal invasion

At locations where the planned route passes through a region rich in nature, an intrusion prevention fence is installed to prevent collisions with passing vehicles due to invasion of deer, and a flight guidance pole is installed to guide the movement route of birds. The we.

Image of measures to prevent deer invasion
Measures to prevent deer invasion
Image of installation of bird flight guide pole
Installation of bird flight guide pole

Maintenance effect due to opening of Tohoku Chuo Expressway (Nanyo Takahata IC-Yamagata Kamiyama IC)

Photograph of maintenance effect by opening of Tohoku Chuo Expressway (Nanyo Takahata IC-Yamagata Kamiyama IC)

24.4km from Nanyo Takahata IC to Yamagata Kamiyama IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway, which connects major cities in the inland areas of Fukushima, Yamagata and Akita Prefectures, was opened on April 13, 2019.

Improved access to tourist destinations

Around the Tohoku Chuo Expressway, hot springs and other famous tourist spots nationwide are located.
Due to the development of the Tohoku Chuo Expressway, it is expected that the convenience of access between tourist destinations will be improved, and tourism promotion such as the increase of tourists from inside and outside the prefecture is expected, and wide-area regional exchanges.

Image of improved access to tourist destinations
Image image of Kaminoyama Onsen
Kaminoyama Onsen
Kameoka Bunju Pictures

Double network construction

In addition, with the opening of this road, a double network will be formed in the Yamagata, Fukushima and Sendai areas, and even if there is a suspension of traffic on any of the Tohoku Expressway, Yamagata, or Tohoku Chuo, each line will complement each other and move between areas. It has become possible.

Image of double network construction

Acceleration of reconstruction projects by opening the Joban Expressway Okuma IC

The Joban Expressway Okuma IC, which has been working in cooperation with Okuma Town since the Great East Japan Earthquake, was opened on March 31, 2019.
In Okuma Town, a new government office building was completed after the opening of the Okuma IC, business operations resumed in the town for the first time in about eight years and two months since the earthquake, and reconstruction projects are accelerating even faster than before.
It is expected that the opening of the Okuma IC will contribute to the reconstruction of the region by boosting the speed of the reconstruction project and further improving the efficiency of transportation of the removed soil to the intermediate storage facility.

Okuma Town Office New Government Building
Okuma Town Hall New Government Building
Photo of Joban Expressway Okuma IC
Joban Expressway Okuma IC

Opening smart ICs in the Tohoku region

From April 2018 to April 2019, a total of 6 smart ICs (Oshu, Koriyama Chuo, Tamura, Nara, Hachinohe West, Takizawa Chuo) were newly opened in the Tohoku region.
Each smart IC is expected to greatly contribute to regional development by improving the living environment and convenience of local residents, supporting emergency medical care by shortening emergency transportation time, strengthening the foundation of economic activities by improving accessibility, etc. I am.

Tohoku Expressway Takizawa Central Smart IC photo
Tohoku Expressway Takizawa Central Smart IC

Environmental conservation initiatives

Conservation of rare plants

Rare plants were confirmed in the areas where the terrain was altered, but since the period of protection was before germination, the soil containing seeds was collected, and after the germination and growth at our group facilities, the environment was similar. I transplanted to the place to do.
To reduce the risk of extinction, we collected the seeds that were raised and stored them at the Shinjuku Gyoen Management Office of the Ministry of the Environment.

Photograph of flowering situation of Abnomome
Abnomome flowering situation
Photograph of the case of protecting and nurturing Abnomome
Case of protecting and nurturing Abnomome
(Greenery Technology Center, Expressway Research Institute)

Conservation of small animals

Since the planned route will be set up in an area where small animals such as reptiles and amphibians inhabit, we set up a sloping ramp in the waterway to secure a moving route.

Photo of small crawler type gutter
Small crawler type gutter