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Yayoi people city net

Yayoi people city net

NEXCO EAST Tohoku Regional Head Office Then, we plan improvement of vitality of the whole six Tohoku prefectures area, stimulate sightseeing intentions etc., and our local office of each prefecture sets up "local information society" for the purpose of activating exchange between areas To organize activities together with the community, we have organized the Ugly People Street Net.

The image character "Michinoko Happy-kun" to further develop the activities of "Yuui Ningencho net" is active in various places in various Tohoku events.

Highway Festa Tohoku

"Highway Festa Tokuhoku" collects the taste, entertainment, tourism, crafts in the Northeastern prefecture together, rediscovers the vivid charm of the Tohoku region to customers, and aims to improve the vitality of the region It is an event organized to stimulate tourism motivation and to stimulate regional exchange.

For more information,Special WebsiteExternal link: Another window display

A young person city street Internet radio broadcasting

It is a program that connects "people" and "streets" throughout the Tohoku region with Expressway , and delivers festivals and event information of each region every week. Of course there are plenty of topics on the Expressway . Please listen to each scene, such as drive or home.