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NEXCO East Japan twitter usage policy

NEXCO East Japan twitter usage policy


At NEXCO EAST, useful information such as Expressway discounts and other useful information, Expressway regulations and events due to construction We use the following social media for the purpose of sending information about management of Expressway, such as notification information such as disaster occurrence (typhoons, heavy snow etc.) .


The twitter official account managed by NEXCO East Japan is as follows. Please be careful about spoofing accounts and accounts that resemble them.

【Information on useful information such as discount on Expressway fee · information on Expressway regulation and events due to construction】
  • "NEXCO East Japan (Hokkaido)"
    @ e_nexco_kitaExternal link: Another window display
    (Information on Expressway under jurisdiction of Hokkaido Regional Head Office )
  • "NEXCO East Japan (Tohoku)"
    @ e_nexco_tohokuExternal link: Another window display
    (Information on Expressway under jurisdiction of Tohoku Regional Head Office )
  • "NEXCO East Japan (Kanto)"
    @e_nexco_kantoExternal link: Another window display
    (Information on Expressway under jurisdiction of Kanto Regional Head Office )
  • "NEXCO East Japan (Niigata)"
    @ e_nexco_ niigataExternal link: Another window display
    (Information on Expressway under jurisdiction of Niigata Regional Head Office )
【Information on management of Expressway, such as a road closure at the occurrence of a disaster】
  • "NEXCO East Japan (road disaster prevention information)"
    @ e_nexco_bousaiExternal link: Another window display
【 Expressway drive information centering on DraPla posting information】


  1. NEXCO East Japan official announcement · view, please be sure to check out the homepage and press releases.
  2. The information on twitter is information at the time of transmission.
  3. Since this account is dedicated to information dissemination, we will not reply. All inquiries and comments to our company will be heard at "NEXCO East Japan Customer Center".
  4. As a general rule, information will be sent between 9:00 and 17:25 on weekdays. However, when disasters etc occur, we will make a call from time to time.
  5. Usage of this account ends and may be deleted without notice.


Regarding the following matters, we do not assume any responsibility. Please note.

  1. Damage due to "You (user of this account)" using this account or being unavailable
  2. In connection with this account, troubles and damage caused between you and someone other than you


Please do not do the following for this account.

  1. Use "personal information (including information close to it)" of you or anyone other than you.
  2. To use discrimination to express "expression (any expression by language, image, video, voice, etc.)" or expressions leading to discrimination.
  3. Use expressions slandering people other than you.
  4. Infringing on the rights of others (copyright, portrait rights, property rights, etc.) other than you.
  5. To use laws and expressions contrary to public order and morals.
  6. Pretending to be a person other than you.
  7. Advertisement and publicity.
  8. NEXCO To change contents sent by East Japan.
  9. NEXCO To use expressions unrelated to the content sent by East Japan.


Regarding the contents of this account, we can not reprint without prior permission to NEXCO East Japan, unless we are using personal use or approved by laws and regulations. Also, when quoting (retweet etc.), please be sure to state the source.


NEXCO East Japan may change this usage policy without notice to you.


By the time you use this account for the first time, you agree to this usage policy.