NEXCO EAST twitter usage policy

Business Descriptions

At NEXCO EAST, useful information such as Expressway price discounts, Expressway regulations and events due to construction We use the following social media for the purpose of transmitting information such as notification information and information regarding the management of Expressway such as suspension of traffic in the event of a disaster (typhoon, heavy snow, etc.) .

Twitter official account list (as of R2.11.18)

The official twitter account managed by NEXCO EAST is as follows. Please be careful about spoofing accounts and similar accounts.

[Useful information such as Expressway toll discounts, information on Expressway regulations and events due to construction]

  • "NEXCO EAST (Hokkaido)" ( @e_nexco_kita ) (Information on Expressway under the control of Hokkaido Regional Head Office)
  • "NEXCO EAST (Tohoku)" ( @e_nexco_tohoku ) (Information on Expressway under the control of Tohoku Regional Head Office Office)
  • "NEXCO EAST (Kanto)" ( @e_nexco_kanto ) (Information on Expressway under the control of Kanto Regional Head Office)
  • "NEXCO EAST (Niigata)" ( @e_nexco_niigata ) (Information on Expressway under the control of Niigata Regional Head Office)

[Information about Expressway management such as traffic closures in the event of a disaster]

[Information on construction regulations such as closures and interchange closures in the Kanto area]

[Expressway drive information centered on information on DraPla]

[Dr. Mammoshi's Snow Road Guide on Safe Driving in Winter]


  • For the official announcement and views of NEXCO EAST, please be sure to check the website and press releases.
  • The information on twitter is the information at the time of sending.
  • 本アカウントは情報発信専用のため返信は行いません。当社に対するお問合せ、ご意見等は、「NEXCO東日本お客さまセンター」にてメールで承っております。
  • As a general rule, information will be sent from 9:00 to 17:25 on weekdays. However, when a disaster etc. occurs, it will be sent at any time.
  • Use of this account may be terminated or deleted without notice.


We are not responsible for the following matters. Please note.

  • Damage caused by "you (user of this account)" using or not using this account
  • Trouble or damage between you and anyone other than you in connection with this account


Please do not do the following to this account.

  • Use "personal information (including information close to you)" of you and others.
  • Use expressions that discriminate (any expression by language, image, video, voice, etc.) or expressions that lead to discrimination.
  • Use expressions that slander anyone other than you.
  • Violate the rights of anyone other than you (copyright, portrait rights, property rights, etc.).
  • Use expressions that violate laws and public order and morals.
  • Impersonate someone other than you.
  • Advertising or publicity.
  • To change the content sent by NEXCO EAST.
  • Use expressions that are not related to the content transmitted by NEXCO EAST.


The contents of this account cannot be reprinted without permission to NEXCO EAST, except for private use or use permitted by law. Also, when quoting (retweet, etc.), be sure to clearly indicate the source.

Changes to this usage policy

NEXCO EAST may change this Terms of Use without notice to you.

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